HDMI Logo Approval

Step-by-step guide through the process

How to Get HDMI Logo Approval for Your Product

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) has become the standard for high-quality digital video products. The HDMI logo has become a trusted ‘brand’ which consumers look for when purchasing a product. To receive approval for the use of the HDMI logo involves a set process of tests and checks. This is something SZCEIT can take care of to provide a smooth and cost-effective solution.

Here is a six-step guide to how the process works.

1. Registration

SZCEIT registers to be an HDMI adopter member on behalf of your company.

2. Choosing membership type

We would choose the correct membership type based on the number of units requiring approval. The membership processes will usually take around 2 weeks.

The two membership types are:

HDMI Annual                       Type1 Type2*

Annual Fees                         $10,000          $5,000

Administration fee               $0 / unit          $1 / unit

Royalty                                   $0.15 / unit    $0.15 / unit

Royalty (with HDMI Logo) -$0.1 / unit      -$0.1 / unit

Royalty( with HDCP)           -$0.01 / unit   -$0.01 / unit

Basically, if we register as a Type2 member, we have to pay an extra $1 per unit manufactured as an “administration fee” to the HDMI group. If we pay $10,000 annually we don’t have to pay that admin fee. If we’re producing more than 5000pc a year, then we definitely want to be a Type1 member.

With regards to royalties, we only have to pay $0.05/unit royalty AS LONG AS we promote the HDMI logo in various product promotional materials (packaging, advertising etc).  There are guidelines provided for logo design and promotional use.

3. Testing Fees

The testing fees are supposedly fixed by Sony which manages the testing compliance procedure. The cost is RMB 45,500 ($7222) for HDMI testing, or RMB 52,500 ($8333) for HDMI + HDCP.

What is HDCP?

HDCP is a copy protection function that’s optional.  If you want your product to be able to output copy-protected media (like Netflix movies) to HDTVs via the HDMI port, we would need to include HDCP.  Adding HDCP requires that you become a DCP License Member. This costs an additional $15,000 per year and payment of an approximate $0.025 per unit for an encrypting IC.

NOTE: HDCP is mostly used in laptops and set-top boxes — products with HDCP can be found at http://www.digital-cp.com/hdcp_products — “Sources” refer to products that send HDMI data, like a tablet PC.

4. Complete Capabilities Declaration Form (CDF)

We fill out a CDF form with product information and provide it to the testing lab.  On the CDF form, we can input a “family” of products that share the same HDMI circuit design and connector supplier.  We do not need to pay any extra testing fees for multiple products if they belong to the same reported “family”.

If we need to add a product to an existing family in the future, we would need to pay an extra RMB 18,975 ($3000) per product. It therefore pays to anticipate all models in advance as best as possible.

5. Product Test

Test of product. We get two free rounds of pre-tests before we have to pay for re-testing fees.  Each round takes about 5 working days.

6. Approval

After testing passes, the testing lab will arrange for the HDMI trademark usage to be approved.