Wi-Fi Logo Approval

Step-by-step guide through the procces

Products must meet the various requirements set by the Wi-Fi Alliance before they are allowed to display the ‘Wi-Fi’ logo. This process of certification doesn’t have to be painful; it’s something that SZCEIT can handle on your behalf.

Here is a five-step guide to how the process works.

1. Registration

SZCEIT will apply on behalf of your company to become a Wi-Fi Alliance member. The yearly fee is $15,000 USD and the process usually takes about two weeks to complete.

2. Test Plan

We will generate a test plan via the Wi-Fi Alliance web-based certification system.

3. Testing

SZCEIT pays RMB 18,750 ($2976) for a round of Wi-Fi testing.  Some special requirements may require more expensive testing, but for basic consumer tablet PCs this pricing should be accurate. If testing fails, payment needs to be made again. The testing process takes about five working days for each round.

4. Submission fee

SZCEIT also pays a submission fee equal to RMB 13,500 ($2142). This covers 11n bands, WPA2, WMM, etc.

5. Approval

Once the testing has been passed, the testing lab will arrange for Wi-Fi trademark usage approval.

NOTE: For more details visit the Wi-Fi Alliance website: http://www.wi-fi.org/